Shameless Self-Promotion!

 “The Idaho Ghost Job” is up at Translunar Travelers Lounge.  (It came out yesterday, but this has been a craaazy week at work, so I am posting to the blog a day late.)

It’s a Teachout story–a fun one!  Low-angst!–that makes my husband laugh.

This one came about because I was listening to a podcast (I believe it was “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” but don’t quote me) that discussed Robert the doll  and I thought, Oh, you know, a haunted doll would be exactly the kind of thing the museum would want to display.  And really, who else would they send to get the thing but Corwyn and Gwen?  

I would also like to take a moment to thank my husband and son for acting some of this story out for me, so that I could see if what I had in mind was actually physically possible.

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Hi there!

Well here we are again, and it’s been so long since I’ve posted that I feel overwhelmed at the very idea of blogging!  Yay!

So first, an update: we all survived sixth grade relatively intact, the kid had a 4.0 for the quarter, and now it’s all theatre camp and lounging for him until August.  We have some flowers to plant. We got a new car that has a back up camera, which oh my god is cool!  (I mostly like it for checking to make sure I’ve parked between the lines.)  It also has a bluetooth radio thingie that connects to my phone, which is super nice since my old car’s AUX jack was about dead.  I also got a new phone and haptic whateverthefuck is never not going to be weird.

And in writing news, I have a Teachout story, “The Idaho Ghost Job,” appearing in Translunar Travelers Lounge in the near-ish future (I think the first issue?  But I’m not sure? Dates when I get ‘em).

I’ve been on a reading binge, as well, so I’ll post about the books in other entries.

And that’s about it from me … how are you?  You look great. I like your hair. :)