Final eBook update!

I totally forgot to post here!

Okay, anyone who donated to the Sharon the Light CrowdRise should have an email or message from me asking for your contact info so I can send you the eBook of Dropping Slow!

If you’ve not gotten a message or email from me, please let me know!  And thank you, again, to everyone who donated, read, signal boosted, etc.


eBook update 3

I got the last fiddly bits done on the file, and I have an ePub! It looks nice!

However, Scrivener wants me to download some other thingie from Amazon to make a Kindle file, and I am tired, y’all. So that will be tomorrow’s task.

Depending on how that goes, and what I need to do in order to get the files to all the donors, I’m thinking sometime next week for the books to go out. But watch this space for updates! Technology is the devil.

ebook update 2

Ow, my head.

Sooooo many little fiddly things!

Scrivener, somewhere in the past couple of years, has gone from highly intuitive to “what the hell, where is the manual, what are the magic search terms to find the information that I need?”

Bless Creative Commons licenses.

The bulk of it is done.  There are some proofing things that need to be done, and then we enter the wonderful world of Is the file too big?