If you are a total stranger reading this, well, know that the mere idea of you thrills my soul. But also, hi, I’m Laura and I write stuff (mostly fantasy)—the links to my online work are over there somewhere [waves hand in general direction of links]. I have a recurring cast of characters in my real life, primarily my husband, Scott, and our kid, but also some friends.

My header image is a photograph of art by Dave Fox, paint in denim, done for my husband waaay back in the day when jean jackets were a thing.

I have an older blog at LiveJournal (hello, dating myself) and a Twitter account with a follow list that needs weeding because every time I go over there I feel like I’m in the high school cafeteria—I can’t hear you, it’s too loud! (Also, hello, dating myself.) I may be one of the oldest people on Tumblr, as well, which is where I go to get my fix of Doctor Who and Glee nerdery, with a dash of Sherlock and Avengers and hairless cats.

I keep threatening Scott with a hairless cat. He refuses to agree to one. This makes me sad. Like my life going haywire and delaying stuff, the hairless cat power struggle may be a recurring theme.

I occasionally post fiction here–feel free to link to it (seriously, that’s lovely), but please don’t reproduce it without permission.  (Don’t be afraid to ask, though.)

This would be where I’d put a conclusion (I used to teach composition; it breaks free sometimes) if I had one. But it’s not like this had much of an introduction, either, did it? Hm.


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello back. Just finished “The Curators Job”. Top work (irrespective of whether it becomes a novel/serial fiction or is never revisited). Thank you.

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