shameless other people promotion

The talented and charming Jason Kimble has a story out over on Cast of Wonders:  “If Only Kissing Made It So,” for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  The podcast version is read by Max Gladstone (yeah, I know, right?).

The first lines, so not even a spoiler:

This afternoon, the boy I’ve had a crush on for years told me two things: he loves me, and he’s a time traveler. I’m not sure if I feel crazier believing the first or the second.

This is a lovely story.  This and “Blood and Water” are the ones Jason’s then-boyfriend (now-husband) asked me about when we met:  Have you read those?  They’re amazing–he’s so brilliant, isn’t he? and I just grinned and agreed and thought, Yeah, I like this guy, Jason can keep him around. :)


shameless other people promotion!

Hey, remember the Every Single Day Challenge back in June?

Well, the founder of the Challenge, Karen Sorenson, put a poetry chapbook together for hers, and it’s on Etsy:  We Feed the Dead.

For $7.50, you can buy and read this story told in poems …

A series of poems following one woman’s attempt to call her mother’s spirit home again. As she cooks meal after meal, each one an offering, she’s drawn further and further back into a past that threatens to pull her down entirely. The way out might be a miracle, or a simple cup of soup, or maybe both.

I’ve ordered mine–you know you want to order yours …

The unexpected sweetness of Sandman Slim

I’ve not made it a secret that one of the things that’s gotten me through the past six months of general “what in actual hell is going on?” has been catching up on Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series via audiobooks in my car.

I started reading these shortly after the first one came out–I checked it out of the library along with In Cold Blood and another book with a climax that involved the main character walking barefoot through Hell (I think it was an Orpheus retelling, maybe? But with more blood and demons).  That was quite the month of reading, let me tell you.

But I dug Stark and his revenge quest, so I kept reading them.  And then for whatever reason I got behind on the books, and it occurred to me to see if the library had them on audio–and they did!  Like, all of them!

And McLeod Andrews is exactly what I imagined Stark’s voice to sound like.  (I’ve read a number of news articles about the president in that voice, and as I said on Twitter, if this is the end of democracy, at least it’s being narrated appropriately.)

So I’m on The Perdition Score now, and there was a scene I heard last night that struck me …

(and there will be spoilers below, so tread carefully …)

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Promotions, ahoy!

Jason Kimble has a story on Cast of Wonders today; you can listen to or read “Blood and Water.”

And if you buy Seasonal Affective Disorder today, Karen Sorenson will donate $2 of the cost to Arts In the Armed Forces!


shameless other people promotion, evil twin edition!

Jason Kimble has new stuff out!

“Drowning Joys” in Aliterate.  It’s a romance.  After a fashion.  I keep prodding him for another story in this universe, so if you buy the book and read the story, you can also prod him for more.  Join me here in the fandom for this story!

“Technically Magic,” in Transitions and Awakenings.  It’s not a romance, but does have a hookup!  Cute boys hooking up!  And magic and sci-fi mashed up together in the sort of thing your narrator here enjoys.  I love Brody.  He’s such a great mess.

All links go to Amazon, as these are print publications, though you can read a nice chunk of “Technically Magic” via Amazon’s ‘look inside’ thingie if you’d like a preview.


stuff Laura’s read recently

I’m working my way through the ‘stories’ file in my Instapaper app, and these are really good:

“And You Shall Know Her By the Trail of Dead”, by Brooke Bolander

This is a whole bunch of my narrative kinks in one profanity-laden story.  No info dumps, complex relationships, chicks with guns … it’s up for a Hugo and a Locus award, and I really want it to win both.

“Covenant”, by Elizabeth Bear

The tag line at Slate is “read a creepy sci-fi short story about fixing murderers’ brains,” and that almost sums it up–I’d say “read a creepy sci-fi short story about fixing murderers’ brains and running.  Also there’s cold.”  This is the second of Bear’s stories that I’ve read recently that kind of glances off gender in interesting ways, though it’s a lot closer to center in this one.

‘Children’s Work’ series, by lookninjas on AO3

A while back, there was a Star Wars AU-meme thing going around on Tumblr about The Force Awakens set in Northern Michigan.  And that led to these two stories (so far) about cults, kids, the end of worlds, parents and family, and identity.  It’s spare and kind of sad and very lovely.