Guess who got a donation yesterday?

So, as promised: “Anything Can Be Used As a Bookmark,” by yours truly (special thanks to the Zweeble).

This song was brought to you by the-cassandra-project‘s Every Single Day Challenge and the donation of Laurel M, whose fundraiser for the Sierra Club is here, if you’d like to thank her for unleashing this upon the world.

I’ve reached my goal now–I’ll keep posting poems and stick figures until the end of the month because that’s the deal, and you can actually still donate if you want (or you can run over to Heather Bain’s Crowdrise, also for the ACLU).

And also a special shoutout to Karen Sorenson, the person behind this challenge and thus another responsible party for this tomfoolery: I hope your car is all right, and if it is not, I hope this eases the annoyance.


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