before I get back to the blog …

I have some actual blog posts ready to go, but it feels weird to just post about the Ted Bundy book I read without acknowledging all the political upheaval that’s happened since I posted last.

So, mostly my political ranting goes on Tumblr (and possibly LiveJournal if I get cross-posting together).  This blog is my sort of a professional, sort of a personal one, and while I can’t say I’ll never, ever post political stuff here, that’s not really what I associate with this space.  So, who knows.  As usual.

For the record, I’m not happy about the election results.  I don’t like what they portend for my country.  I believe in free speech, diversity, equal rights, and a whole lot of other liberal values.  That said, I also know the value of having something to read besides political rants, so please keep an eye out for a book review post in the near future.    

And take care of yourselves and the people around you, okay?

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