Okay, let’s see if we can manage three days a week, shall we?  I can’t promise in-depth, lengthy commentary, but maybe the short stuff will do.

I’m very sad to see that Gene Wilder died; he’s been one of my favorite actors for basically ever.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was probably the first movie of his I saw; pretty sure my father showed me Young Frankenstein when I was, like, eleven.  I discovered The Producers the summer I was 14, and proceeded to tell everyone I knew to watch it.  I think only JC actually did (because he and I were the Merv Griffin weirdo teenagers).  And at some point I saw him in The Little Prince and just hated it.  Too sincere and too sweet.  The thing I loved about Gene Wilder was the weirdness underneath.

The husband and I quote just about all his movies at each other regularly.  Even the kid quotes some of them, and he only made it halfway through Young Frankenstein.

In more personal news, I did not get called for jury duty.

Also, I could use more chocolate in my life.

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