2 week blog run: Day 13

I finished Thud!

It reminds me a lot of the funny bits of a Falco novel,[1] except in third person and with much less avoiding the law since, you know, Vimes is the law.  Sort of.

One thing I have to admire in Terry Pratchett’s work is that he’s extremely good at this series thing.  I’ve never read anything of his besides a short story collection the kid wanted to try and a lot of quotes on Tumblr, so I came into this book expecting major info dumps or total confusion, and I got neither.  It was a nice, seamless entry into a world that was clearly established without having to wade through paragraphs of who people were and what they had to do with each other.

Oh, wait–I’d also read Where Is My Cow? quite a few years ago!  And I liked it much better with context, I must say.

Next up is probably The Last Days of New Paris because due dates.


1 [back] The Marcus Didius Falco novels are historical mysteries by Lindsey Davis, and they’re really good.

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