2 week blog run: day 5

My husband and son are in the living room playing Pokemon, and I’m in my office writing this before I get started on applying for a grant–I’m drafting answers to questions.  After I work on that, I’m going to write a draft of a recommendation letter for a scholarship on behalf a kid I know who is–WHAT?!–applying to college this year.

I  may have blogged about this before, but I had a professor in grad school who asked us all what our favorite part of the writing process was (it was a pedagogy class, and I’m not sure I remember the point of the lecture).  His favorite part was revision, and I remember that because at the time I was like, “Seriously?”  I liked creation, I think, at that point.  Nowadays, though, I am all about revision, for the same reason he was: the hard part is over.  Making something better is usually easier than writing it down the first time.  Hell, half the reason I can get through that first draft is telling myself I’ll fix it later.  Actually, now I think about it, my favorite thing when writing is when I realize during the first draft of, say, a scene what is is that scene needs to do, or what atmosphere or emotion I want to thread through it–it’s not there now, but I know how to get it there in the next iteration.

Anyway, for stuff like the writing I’m doing today–where I need to get over imposter syndrome or figure out the angle I want to take so the piece isn’t just one more generic essay/letter in the pile–drafting is even more of a lifesaver.


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