2 week blog run: day 1

So I’m going to try an experiment in sustained micro-blogging (and doesn’t that sound impressive as all hell), and attempt to post something every day for two weeks.  It may not be profound, it definitely won’t be long, but consistency!  We like that, right?

This, of course, means random random random.

If you read my Tumblr, you probably know that the lovely husband and I have been walking a lot as we search for Pokemon and attempt to hatch eggs.  I’m not sure if this is as good a workout as the biking I was doing, but it’s kind of a nice change and it lets us see things like rabbits and owls in the trees screeching and putting the fear of god into said rabbits. Of course, half the time I forget to wear my glasses and what I see is a big, brown, screechy blur on top of a green blur, because I am Old and my vision is deteriorating like whoa.


Currently reading: Thud! by Terry Pratchett (because Sam Vimes seems like someone I need to read books about).

Exercise?:  I’m hoping to remember to do yoga tonight. Stay tuned to find out if I remember or not!



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