shameless other people promotion!

“Broken,” by Jason Kimble

Okay, gang.  The evil twin has another story out, and this one’s a podcast.

If you’ve been reading Jason’s stories, you know he’s got two series going.  This is one from the science fiction universe of the Rim, and …

Let me tell you about getting the draft of this in my inbox, okay?   I opened it up thinking Oh, cool, new ‘Detritus’ story, no big deal, I’d read a bunch of these, I liked them …

Half an hour later I was at the end, just blinking at the screen because it was … over?  And holy fucking hell, I loved it. Objectively, completely; I knew without a doubt that sooner or later, someone was going to buy it.  And here we are.  Everyone else can read it, too–or listen; you can download the podcast at the link or through iTunes, and the story’s available to read on the site, as well.

So, yes.  Check that out.  Free for your listening or reading pleasure.


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