shameless other people promotion, part gazillion

1.  The newly-wedded evil twin, Jason Kimble, has a new story, “At Her Fingertips,” over at Betwixt magazine.  It’s online, it’s free, and it’s set in the same universe as “Detritus.” Go click, go read!

(You don’t have to read “Detritus” in order to understand “At her Fingertips.”  But let me just say, when I read this story the first time, there was a point where I started bouncing at my desk and sending Jason some super-excited texts–and, really, you want that experience, too, right? Well, sans texts, but you could bounce in his comments if you wanted.)

2.  Because You Left, The Lost/Glee crossover fanfic that I beta read, is back from hiatus–we’re on chapter 1 of Part 3, and subsequent chapters will post every Monday.  (There’s still Part 4 to come, too.)  Also online, also free, also something to go read!

(This chapter has one of my favorite scenes of the entire series, the next to the last one.  It’s lovely, and delicate, and resigned; considering the two shows this fic is based on, you expect lots of drama–and you get it!–but throughout are scattered these quiet, gorgeous scenes.)

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