Shameless other people promotion

So people I know have stuff out!  (I feel like I’m part of a  writing cabal or something.)

Hush, Don’t Tell Nobody is by Kyle M. Doty; it’s (to borrow from the website copy) “Part poetic memoir, part present-day ruminations.”  If you like poetry, check it out.

And the prolific Jason Kimble has a story, “Tall,” in an anthology titled Twice Upon a Time.  “Tall” takes a sideways, postmodern-y look at the Slue-Foot Sue legend, and if that piques your interest (and why wouldn’t it?), head on over and pick up the book (it’s print only at the moment, but there should be an e-book version soon).  If you want a bit more plot information than that, you could click Jason’s name and check out his post about it.

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