Small children in large groups are highly disturbing.

I spent the morning with the kid. We went to the dollar movie showing of Despicable Me 2.[1] They had four theaters open for this movie, and they were all full–apparently the dollar movies are very popular with the local day camps.

So there we were, watching the Minions, who speak their own little Minion-language and occasionally repeat words/sounds … and whenever they did, the kids in the audience started chanting along.

“Oooo-weee, oooo-weee, oooo-weee …” All. Around. Me.

Then the “Happy” scene started, and all the kids sang along with the chorus.

I can’t decide if it was like a cult meeting or an elementary school version of Rocky Horror.

1I have not, as yet, seen Despicable Me. Also, my overall review was Okay, not as good as How To Train Your Dragon 2.[back]


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