Introductory Posts: Their Own Special Kind of Hell

I was actually going to start posting actual entries here last week, but life went haywire—as life often does—and here I am, starting later than I meant to. This may be a theme.

So as usual, I have no idea exactly what I’m doing (although it just hit me that I think I’ve been blogging for ten years, and isn’t that … disturbing), but here I am.

If you are a total stranger reading this, well, know that the mere idea of you thrills my soul. But also, hi, I’m Laura and I write stuff (mostly fantasy)—the links to my online work are over there somewhere [waves hand in general direction of links]. I have a recurring cast of characters in my real life, primarily my husband, Scott, and our kid, but also some friends.

I have an older blog at LiveJournal (hello, dating myself) and a Twitter account with a follow list that needs weeding because every time I go over there I feel like I’m in the high school cafeteria—I can’t hear you, it’s too loud! (Also, hello, dating myself.) I may be one of the oldest people on Tumblr, as well, which is where I go to get my fix of Doctor Who and Glee nerdery, with a dash of Sherlock and Avengers and hairless cats.

I keep threatening Scott with a hairless cat. He refuses to agree to one. This makes me sad. Like my life going haywire and delaying stuff, the hairless cat power struggle may be a recurring theme.

This would be where I’d put a conclusion (I used to teach composition; it breaks free sometimes) if I had one. But it’s not like this had much of an introduction, either, did it? Hm.

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