shameless other people promotion, evil twin edition!

Jason Kimble has new stuff out!

“Drowning Joys” in Aliterate.  It’s a romance.  After a fashion.  I keep prodding him for another story in this universe, so if you buy the book and read the story, you can also prod him for more.  Join me here in the fandom for this story!

“Technically Magic,” in Transitions and Awakenings.  It’s not a romance, but does have a hookup!  Cute boys hooking up!  And magic and sci-fi mashed up together in the sort of thing your narrator here enjoys.  I love Brody.  He’s such a great mess.

All links go to Amazon, as these are print publications, though you can read a nice chunk of “Technically Magic” via Amazon’s ‘look inside’ thingie if you’d like a preview.


I get tired of NPR and music periodically, so I’ll check out audiobooks from the library to listen to in my car.  The interesting side effect to this is that I’ll end up reading things in the voice of whatever narrator I’ve been spending the 60 minutes I spend on my daily commute with (that’s total, not one-way).

So my novel revisions were partly ‘read’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Dante and Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe).  One short story was revised in the voice of Edward Herrman (a story in a Ray Bradbury-homage collection).  And the first few stories about the Comey firing were read in the voice of Sandman Slim (Kill City Blues, narrated by MacLeod Andrews), which let me tell you, is quite the appropriate way to narrate the Trump administration.

So I forgot to buy a card for Mother’s Day. Or, rather, I remembered periodically throughout the week at utterly inopportune times, the last of which was 10:15pm last night.

And then I realized I could write a poem!

This is the 44 year old writer equivalent of the play doh ladybug, just saying.

Anyway. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. Hope you remembered a card. If not: poetry and/or glitter are always a hit!

See, I always thought I’d be an adult when I … got married, bought my house, had a kid, had a certain job, blah blah blah.  Every time I did those things, I didn’t really feel like an adult.  Like, I’m a grown woman, I’m 44, I am well aware of my age … but “adulthood” is a whole other thing than being old.

No, what makes me feel like an adult is my husband being told he has diabetes.  Or myself being prescribed blood pressure medication.  Talking to a friend about the best adult care facility for his parents.  Talking to another friend about her fibro and the charitable organization she set up in her mother’s name.  Sending even yet another friend book recommendations for when she has chemo.  And so on, and so on.


Before I start the June Every Single Day Challenge (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo), I’m going to try and post something here … oh, maybe not every day, but every other day.  Get back in the habit.

shameless other people promotion

Yes, I do need to get back to blogging.  Life has been nutso.


Karen Sorenson, author of Three Stories and founder of The Cassandra Project (and the Every Single Day Challenge) has put out a chapbook of poetry called Seasonal Affective Disorder, part of the proceeds of which will benefit Arts In the Armed Forces, an organization (founded by Adam Driver, of Kylo Ren fame) that brings theater to military personnel.

I mean, April is National Poetry Month, is all I’m saying.